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The expert in jewelry OEM & ODM services

The expert in jewelry OEM & ODM services

OEM Jewelry Factory

R & D

More than 20 professionals have been working in Jewelry industry for more than 10 years. YIBI launches more than 50 new designs each month for customers to choose.
Jewelry OEM Manufacturer


All products must be done 30 processing at least, including 1500 sintering, 72 hours grinding & polishing and more than 5 times QC.
Jewelry Manufacturers


Have worked with over 20 international famous brands, providing free 3D samples and report the production schedule to customers actively every week.

The expert in jewelry OEM & ODM services

Company profile of Shenzhen YIBI Jewelry Co., Ltd

Reputable & Reliable OEM Jewelry Manufacturer for International Brands. We work with many designers from numerous International Brands and help them to make their designs into reality by providing the technical solution to achieve it. We are the expert in jewelry OEM & ODM services with our own jewelry manufacturing plants.

The expert in jewelry OEM & ODM services

The expert in jewelry OEM & ODM services

Customer samples
Customer provides pictures / drawings / samples
Project evaluation
Project evaluation
samples 3D rendering
3D rendering to customer for confirmation
samples production
Arrange samples production
confirms samples
Customer confirms samples
mass production
Arrange mass production

The expert in jewelry OEM & ODM services

Jewelry design

First-class design team

jewelry 3D samples

Free 3D samples

jewelry mass production

Over 30 processing steps

jewelry quality inspection

More than 5 times QC

The expert in jewelry OEM & ODM services

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The expert in jewelry OEM & ODM services

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